Important 2023 update: Dearest lovely Jamboleo customers, I regret to say that it does not look like I will be able to produce and sell jam for the 2023 farmer's market season. All is well, but life looks a bit different now than it did when I started, and it is time to turn my attention elsewhere, to nurture other things and creatures and people. There's just not enough of me to go around.

I cannot say what will happen beyond this year. (Who can, really.) The only thing I know is that the future will be different from today. But between now and whatever comes next, I wish you great big spoons overflowing with whatever fills you up inside.

Thank you for letting me feel that I could create a little happiness. Know that you created happiness in return. - Marlana (The Jamstress)

Simple, special, and delicious small-batch fruit toppings

Jam is not just about toast anymore! Jamboleo's hand-crafted jams, jellies, and marmalades are for so much more than breakfast. Drizzle some over ice cream or stir it into yogurt. Spoon some over pancakes or over a simple slice of cake. Or mix some into your favorite cocktail. 

Just two essential flavors meet in every jar - no more. Jamboleo is here to please your palette, not challenge it. We design each blend to delight and comfort your taste buds at the same time.  

We don't make much, just 8 - 10 jars at a time. Get yours while you can. Eat it with a spoon if you must.

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