Get your jam

How to get your Jamboleo

Jamboleo is still in the process of establishing a schedule for farmers markets for 2020. We anticipate a briefer schedule than in the past because of Covid-19.

We have just one date remaining for 2020: 

  • Sunday, November 22, Acton-Boxborough Farmers Market - Holiday Market, 10 AM - 1 PM

The North Shore pickup option is for anyone who is in the North Shore and willing and able to meet at a public location for a jam handoff. Masks will be required. If you select that option, I'll coordinate with you via email. I will wait only 15 minutes. If you don't make it or you forget your mask, I'll return your jam to inventory and offer you a full refund so we can try again another time. 

Jamboleo is not currently shipping, but if you really need your jam and live in Massachusetts and don't mind paying the shipping, we might reconsider. Jamboleo cannot ship outside of Massachusetts. Please contact us by email at to talk about it.