How we make it

Whole ingredients. Small batches. Two flavors.

Jamboleo jams, jellies, and marmalades are handmade with whole ingredients in small batches in a Massachusetts kitchen. 

  • A single batch of jam typically takes 3 - 4 hours to make.
  • A single batch of jelly needs a couple more hours.
  • A single batch of marmalade is typically made across two days.

In all cases, a single batch typically yields just 8 - 10 precious jars.

Before cooking, we hand mill, hand crush, or hand slice the fruit to ensure the proper consistency. During cooking, we do not add pectin to our recipes. Instead we use a long-cook process to coax the fruit mixture to thicken and gel. Long cooking caramelizes the sugars and imparts a deep, complex flavor. 

Speaking of flavor, every jar blends two flavors:

  • One fruit
  • One herb or spice

In some cases, the complementing herb or spice asserts itself boldly, while in other cases its presence is more understated. But in all cases, the resulting flavor is something very special.