About Us


Thank you for supporting my small business

Watching my mother make jam on a hot summer day was part of my growing up in rural Virginia. I moved to Massachusetts more than 20 years ago, and brought with me a love of standing barefoot on warm tile in front of a fan, stirring fruit. Massachusetts has become my home, and jam has become a source of intense satisfaction and pride.

The name Jamboleo blends my love of jam with my other passion, dancing the Argentine tango. A boleo is a tango embellishment. Together, jam and boleo become Jamboleo, a celebration of summer, of pursuing what you love, and of the pleasure of eating truly delicious food that has been crafted with care.

Just like two dancers come together on a dance floor to create something new with their embrace, each jar blends two essential flavors, one fruit and one herb or spice, or two fruits, into a new third flavor.

Whether you spread your Jamboleo on muffins, pour it over ice cream, or mix it into in cocktails (try blackberry with cinnamon as a Manhattan mixer!), my hope is that each bite fills you up.

Thank you!

- Marlana, aka The Jamstress, and jam assistants Echo and Rua (pictured) and Onion