The Jamboleo Story

Jamboleo is inspired by the Argentine tango. This dance exists in the connection between two partners who meet on the dance floor in an embrace. They create the dance as they move within that embrace to music.

In the same way, each jar of Jamboleo jam, jelly, or marmalade arises from the connection between two flavors - one fruit, one herb or spice.

They meet first on the stove, where they are blended carefully together during a painstaking, careful cooking process. Each batch takes several hours to make. Every element is prepared by hand, stirred by hand to the music of D'Arienzo, Di Sarli, Bajafondo. The melding of fruit with herbs and spices fills the kitchen with distinct aromas  We watch and sniff and taste, adding heat to guide the ingredients until they yield the perfect combination of flavor and texture. We taste it one more time as we pour it into jars, and then we test for safety.  

The result is something very special. Just a few precious jars of a unique flavor that exists only because of the connection of two other flavors. A flavor too good to limit to breads and pastries. Our fans enjoy Jamboleo flavors not only with their breakfast, but also poured over ice cream, drizzled over crepes, as a sweetener for coffee and tea, and also as an unexpected mixer for cocktails. 

We hope you will enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it. Thank you!